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  1. Spark: Home

    Spark: Home

    KQED's Spark "Home" is a collection of video clips about artists who infuse content about their home -- their culture or their family's culture ...

  2. Everyday Learning

    Everyday Learning

    Learn about the math, science, and health found in everyday life in this collection of instructional resources for preschool through first grade from KET.

  3. A Roman's Eye View

    A Roman's Eye View

    This set of video resources explore the world at the time of the early Roman Empire.

  4. Hunting the Elements

    Hunting the Elements

    Explore the periodic table and learn about the use and behavior of a variety of elements.

    Provided by: NOVA
  5. Learn the Address

    Learn the Address

    To celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Gettysburg Address, documentarian Ken Burns has launched a national effort to encourage everyone in America to video record ...

  6. U.S. Diplomacy

    U.S. Diplomacy

    Learn more about U.S diplomacy and foreign relations.

  7. It's Okay To Be Smart

    It's Okay To Be Smart

    It's Okay to be Smart is a show about science. But it's probably not about science the way you're used to it ...

  8. Water Solutions

    Water Solutions

    KET's Water Solutions explores how to prevent and mitigate non-point-source water pollution.

  9. KET Health and Wellness

    KET Health and Wellness

    The Health and Wellness collection from KET features video and interactive resources to provide teachers, parents and students with information necessary to make healthier choices ...

  10. Everyday Science

    Everyday Science

    Learn more about the world around you in this collection of STEM instructional resources for Pre-K through first grade from KET.

  11. Arts in the Renaissance

    Arts in the Renaissance

    This collection of video segments produced by KET provides examples of Renaissance music, dance, and drama.

  12. NASA Planetary Sciences

    NASA Planetary Sciences

    Find a variety of teaching resources that highlight what NASA missions have found out about the planets and other objects in our solar system.

  13. The Graduates / Los Graduados

    The Graduates / Los Graduados

    This collection can be used to support viewing of the documentary, The Graduates/Los Graduados, by Bernardo Ruiz, while engaging students in discussions about the ...

    Provided by: Independent Lens
  14. Art and Social Studies

    Art and Social Studies

    Studies in visual art provide an opportunity for students to learn about world history, cultures, and geography while engaging creativity. Use this collection to give ...

    Provided by: SPARK
  15. Waste Land

    Waste Land

    This collection features content from the film, Waste Land. Lesson Plans engage students in discussions about the power of art to transform society, the connection ...

    Provided by: Independent Lens