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PBS LearningMedia is intended for use by educators and students.  Creating user accounts works the same way for all users, however, PBS strongly recommends that educators set up accounts for all students.  This is because a single point of account creation keeps things organized and gives educators full control over their digital classroom.  This section demonstrates how to create a user account and provides tips on creating student accounts.

How to create a PBS educator account

Creating a PBS account opens up full access to our free basic digital media service which means you can browse content, favorite resources, and surface content from your local service. 

This section demonstrates how to create a user account.

Figure 1

  • - Click Sign Up (Figure 2).

Figure 2

  • - Type your first name, last name, and email address into the textboxes provided (Figure 3.1).  Type your email address again to confirm.
  • - In the Password textbox, type your password (Figure 3.2).  Type the same password in the Password Confirmation textbox.  Your password must be between 8-90 characters.  Provide a combination of numbers and letters to increase the security of your password.
  • - Type the ZIP code that represents the area to which you want to localize (Figure 3.3).  This  determines the local PBS LearningMedia site that will surface upon login.  If no local site is available for the zip code you entered you will be directed to the national site.  The national site offers all of the same rich content but does not surface content that is specific to a local station.
  • - Click the checkbox which states you have read and understand the privacy policy and terms of use (Figure 3.4).
  • - Click Register (Figure 3.5).
  • - You have the option of clicking the Keep me logged in checkbox so PBS LearningMedia will retain your login information every time you come to the site (Figure 3.6).
* For students under the age of 13, teachers should create a unique email address ending with and create a unique username for each student (ie: View more tips on registering students

Figure 3

  • - The station to which you localized appears in the banner section (Figure 4.1).
  • - Your profile information appears with specific fields auto-populated. Next to the School ZIP code textbox you can see a count of how many schools are available in that area (Figure 4.2).
  • - Click the Select a School dropdown menu to choose from a list of schools in the area of the ZIP code you entered.  If no schools appear, you can click the Can't find your school? link and fill out the form requesting that a school be added (Figure 4.3).  * The list of schools is provided by an outside vendor and we cannot guarantee all schools will be included immediately.
  • - Click the Role dropdown menu and click the role that best describes how you will be using PBS LearningMedia (Figure 4.4). *Users under 13 should be assigned Learner role.
  • - If you have been given a Promo code, click Promo Code? Click here to enter your code (Figure 4.5). What is a promo code?
  • - When you are finished, click Submit (Figure 4.6).

What is a Promo code? Promo codes help PBS track the success of specific online campaigns designed to drive new registrations. One example, promo codes have been assigned to the PBS LearningMedia Teacher Core members to track new users who register through their connection with the Teacher Core.  These codes are available to new users only. 

Figure 4


How to edit your profile

You can make changes to your profile at any time in the Profile section of PBS LearningMedia.

  • - Log in to
  • - In the top navigation menu, hover your mouse over Dashboard and click Profile (Figure 1).

Figure 1


  • - Click the Update button (Figure 2.1) next to Personal information to update your:
  •      - First name
  •      - Last name
  •      - Email address
  •      - School Zip Code 
  • - Click the Update button (Figure 2.2) next to Professional information to update your:
  •      - Role
  •      - School
  • - You can also access the Change password functionality by clicking Change Password (Figure 2.3).

Figure 2

  • - Make modifications to your profile (Figure 3.1).
  • - When you are finished, click Submit (Figure 3.2).

* In the example below we are changing the school.

Figure 3

  • - Your profile edits appear and your account setup is complete (Figure 4).

Figure 4

How to change your password

  • - Log in to
  • - In the top navigation menu, hover your mouse over Dashboard and click Profile (Figure 1).

Figure 1


  • - Click Change Password (Figure 2).

Figure 2

  • - Type your old password in the first textbox (Figure 3.1), then type your new password in the next two textboxes (Figure 3.2)
  • - Click Submit (Figure 3.3).
  • - Click Cancel to back out of the process (Figure 3.4).

Figure 3

  • - The next time you log in to you must use your new password.

Forgot your password?

  • - From the login screen, click I forgot my password (Figure 1).

Figure 1

  • - In the Email textbox, type the email address that is associated with your PBS LearningMedia account (Figure 2.1).
  • - Click Submit to complete the process or click Cancel and return to login if you suddenly remembered your password (yay!) and no longer need to submit the form (Figure 2.2).

Figure 2

  • - A message confirming that your password has been sent to the email address appears. Click Close (Figure 3).

Figure 3

  • - Open your email inbox and click the link provided in the body of the email sent from PBS (Figure 4).

* If you do not see the email in your inbox, check your spam folder.

Figure 4

  • - In the New password textbox, type a new password that contains between 8-90 characters. Include numbers and capital letters to increase the security of your password. In the New password confirmation textbox, type the same password again (Figure 5.1).
  • - Click Reset (Figure 5.2).

Figure 5

  • - Click the X in the browser tab to close the user profile window and return to the PBS LearningMedia website where you can log in to the site with your new password (Figure 6).

Figure 6


Creating student accounts

Special note about under-13 users:
Users under the age of 13 must have an account created by a teacher or authorized adult user and should be assigned the Learner role.

Currently, the registration process for students is identical to educators (except for users under the age of 13 as noted above).  Because PBS recommends that educators create accounts for all students, the process must be replicated for each user.  Follow the steps outlined in the sections above to register students and refer to the following tips to create a process and a flow that will help reduce the time it takes to register multiple users.

  • - Create a naming convention for usernames.  Think of a user naming convention that is unique to your environment and can be easily modified for implementation.  Perhaps first initial plus last name plus school name.  Example: jsmith-lemonelementary.  By doing this you can simply copy and paste the username into each user profile and modify only part of it.
  • - Use same suffix for all email addresses.  All email addresses should end with  This is not a real email address.  For legal reasons it is necessary to use an invalid email address for users under the age of 13.  However, an email address is necessary to get these users into the LearningMedia system.  Copy and paste the same email address into each user profile (ie: and modify only the part preceding
  • - Use the same password for all users.  This simplifies the challenge of having to remember multiple passwords.  Additionally, passwords for under-13 user accounts are not retrievable via the Forgot your password link.
  • - Use at least one capital letter in passwords. Be sure to include at least one capital letter in the password you choose.
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 Important message about the login screen

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DO NOT enter your Username and Password on this screen.

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